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Welcome to the hangar; this is where I keep all my aircraft on this web site. I'll have a brief description of each aircraft and for some will have a separate page with greater details on their setup and features. The aircraft are listed in the order of purchase and included purchase dates (dates in brackets are build completion dates if applicable), and the date the aircraft was lost, irreparably crashed, or sold. Current Squadren size: 27.

A Mavic Pro RC quadcoptor drone

DJI Mavic Pro

June 2017 - Present day

I bought my Mavic Pro in May 2017 and find it an amazing photography and video platform, with incredible portability. It's a simple craft to fly, and pretty much impossible to crash if you're paying any kind of attention whatsoever.

Current Status - Ready to fly.
47626     Top Speed - N/A

My custom built RC freestyle quadcoptor

The Bastard Kwad

June 2017 (August 2017) - Present day

I built the Bastard Kwad as something to have a bit of fun with. I was using the Mavic on sports mode too much and wanted something that would be cheap to repair if I ploughed it into the ground. It's an FPV freestyle quad on a budget, and I've detailed all the parts on it's page.

Current Status - Ready to fly.
20307     Top Speed - N/A

A Horizon Hobby Champ S+ RC plane

Horizon Hobby - Champ S+

August 2017 - Present day

I've wanted to fly aircraft since I was a kid, and the Champ is ideal for flying in the park on a calm day. With it's SAFE features, it's great for learners, however that didn't stop me "landing" in a tree.

Current Status - Ready to fly.
33018     Top Speed - N/A

A Mini Talon FPV RC V-tail plane

X-UAV - Mini Talon

August 2017 - Present day

I visited a local flying club, which I've since joined, and saw one of these fly. It was an awesome aircraft, and on sale for £30, so who can resist. It's currently still in its box as I want to take my time and build this one right and in the best way I can; the S800 is really a learning platform for how to do things with the Mini Talon. Maybe I over think things, in fact I know I do, but I want this to be spot on it looks awesome when it crashes.

Current Status - Collecting parts.
9308     Top Speed - N/A

My Max Thrust Riot RC plane

Max Thrust - Riot

September 2017 - Present day

This is my first proper trainer aircraft. I chose this because of recommendations, it's size, and that it is a pretty flexible model, going from a sedate trainer, to advanced trainer, to sporty plane by moving control horns, removing a weight, and switching to a 4S battery.

Current Status - Undercarriage needs repair.
12513     Top Speed - N/A

My EFlite Extra 260 plane

EFlite - Extra 260

September 2017 - Present day

The Extra, I simply couldn't resist. It's something to work towards and was an absolute bargain. I've fitted it out with a S6R stabilised receiver, so hopefully I'll get to fly it soon.

Current Status - Ready for test flight.
38987     Top Speed - N/A

An image of a Reptile S800 SkyShadow V2 RC FPV flying wing

Reptile - S800 SkyShadow V2

October 2017 (February 2018) - May 2018

The S800 seems to be a very good wing, so thought I'd get one as my first flying wing (though, what actually happened is I ended up getting and flying a Sonic64 first). I'm using this platform also as an experiment as it's my first iNav build, and the first aircraft I've designed and printed 3D parts for.

Current Status - Dove into the ground with a 97MPH ground speed!!! There was an issue from launch and was pretty much uncontrollable.
17512     Top Speed - N/A

An image of a Taft Hobby Viper Jet EDF RC jet

Taft Hobby - Viper Jet

November 2017 - Present day

The Viper Jet, like the Extra 260, is an aircraft for the future where a good deal came about. Again it gives me something to aim for.

Current Status - Waiting on my skills to improve.
25648     Top Speed - N/A

An image of a Sonic64 EDF flying wing

HobbyKing - Sonic 64

December 2017 (January 2018) - Present day

The Sonic64 is my first wing that I'll actually get to fly, it's also my first EDF that I'll get to fly. I have entered the electric jet age! After my first days flying the Sonic64, I want to buy another one!! I want one at home, boxed just in case the worst happens. This aircraft is absolutely brilliant, and I highly recommend them to anyone, even beginners. If you're interested in a Sonic64, check it out here.

Current Status - Ready to fly.
49714     Top Speed - N/A

An image of my Black Horse Model Speed Air 40 IC aircraft

Black Horse Model - Speed Air 40

December 2017 - Present day

The Speed Air 40 is my first nitro aircraft. It has been modified from standard from a tricycle undercarriage to a tail dragger, but that's cool, I'm used to trail draggers through flying the Riot. I'm looking forward to learning the nuances of IC with this aircraft.

Current Status - Needs ironing.
2438     Top Speed - N/A

An image of a Stinger64 Mk2 EDF flying wing

HobbyKing - Stinger64 Mk2

December 2017 - Present day

The Stinger64 Mk2 is my first jet that I'll actually get to fly as a precursor to taking up my Viper Jet.

Current Status - Waiting for my skills to improve, hopefully not too long though.
39427     Top Speed - N/A

An image of a ReadyMadeRC Strix Nano Goblin

Strix - Nano Goblin

March 2018 (May 2018) - Present day

After seeing a Nano Goblin in action, I couldn't refuse. My plane weights 259g (with LiIon - 30 min+ flight time) or 253g (with LiPo) with a full iNav set-up.

Current Status - In need of repair :(
1626     Top Speed - 103 MPH

An image of a Chris Foss Acro WOT ARFT

Chris Foss/Ripmax - Acro WOT

March 2018 - Present day

I was lucky enough to pick up a bargain of an ARFT Acro WOT fitted with an OS 4 stroke for pretty much the cost of the ARFT kit alone. I've fitted it out with a FrSKY S8R receiver, and I'm just waiting to get my nitro solo sign-off and build up some confidence with the Speed Air 40.

Current Status - Waiting for my nitro skills to improve.
29535     Top Speed - N/A

Telink SU-29 (blue)

Telink SU-29 (blue)

April 2018 (June 2018) - Present day

This aircraft came free with an identical kit that I won on eBay (a red version) for use as parts. Rather than build the red one, I thought that this one could be saved and crashed flown as I learn slow control and some 3D. After some UHU Por, a new motor, newESC, and receiver it was ready to test. It flew very well, I just need to get a better receiver and physically take some throws out the rudder and it's good to go.

Current Status - Needs a nose job.
5879     Top Speed - N/A

Telink SU-29 (red)

Telink SU-29 (red)

April 2018 - Present day

I won this kit on eBay, brand new in the box for 30. I'll build it when the blue one is dead.

Current Status - BNIB
8884     Top Speed - N/A

An image of a Reptile S800 SkyShadow V2 RC FPV flying wing

Reptile - S800 SkyShadow V2 - Mk2

May 2018 (June 2018) - Present day

This is a replacement of my previous S800. I've made a few changes during the build and hopefully not smash this one in to the ground at over 100MPH air speed. I want this more for cruising rather than out and out speed.

Current Status - Flying, and so damn nicely.
8656     Top Speed - 98 MPH

Reptile - S1100 Harrier

Reptile - S1100 Harrier

May 2018 - Present day

This plane looks awesome. I've built it with twin SunnySky 2216 1400kV motors spinning 8x6 APC props. I am counter-rotating the props and I have added differential thrust. Inside is a Matek FCHUB-W, F722-STD flight controller, Racerstar Tattoo+ 42A ESCs, EMAX ES08MA II servos, Beitian BN-220 GPS, Pitot tube, RunCam Split 2, AKK Ultimate X2 VTx, TBS Crossfire Micro Rx, and a few LEDs. It'll be running on a Multistart 5200mAh 4S LiPo.

Current Status - Ready for final CG check and maiden flight.
35763     Top Speed - N/A

Horizon Hobby Rare Bear

Horizon Hobby Rare Bear

June 2018 - Present day

I picked this up 2nd hand at Weston Park. I've always liked the look of this plane since the FliteTest videos (which seem to have disappeared from their channel??). I've not flown line of sight for a while, so I'll get the riot up a few times before risking this beauty.

Current Status - I need to get some line-of-sight practice in before taking this bad boy up, too much FPV LOL!
4785     Top Speed - N/A

SonicModell F1 Wing

SonicModell F1 Wing

July 2018 (August 2018) - Present day

My finger's been hovering over getting one of these for a while, and because of the delay in the Mini Talon, build it was bought. This is what I'm running in this awesome wing:

SonicModell F1 kit version, Emax ES08MA II metal gear servos running at 6V, RacerStar RS80A ESC, Turnigy PropDrive V2 2836 2300KV motor, Eachine TX5258 VTx, Foxeer Predator Mini camera, Crossfire Micro RX, Matek F411-Wing flight controller, and a Beitian BN-180 GPS module. Currently has a 6×6 prop. On 4S I've hit 139 mph, and am looking to try 5S or 6S soon.

Current Status - It's great, but it will be faster!
3660     Top Speed - 139 MPH

Strix Goblin

Strix Goblin

August 2018 - Present day

I've picked up a used Strix Goblin from a friend. I fixed a couple of pieces, added a new carbon spar, and fitted balsa elevons. It was a Goblin PNP kit with a Vector and air speed sensor fitted.

Current Status - Ready to fly, but still fine tuning.
42418     Top Speed - N/A

C1 Chaser

C1 Chaser

August 2018 - Present day

I was peer pressured into buying the Chaser LOL. In all seriousness, it's a great wing and as the Mini Talon has been pushed back again (waiting on some gimbal motors that seem to be on a very slow boat) I figured I may as well build this first. Also, the Mini Talon will now be getting a Vector, so the flight controller that was going in that can now go in this C1. The C1 will also be the first model I use my new FrSky R9 series equipment with.

The Chaser died on it's maiden due to a VTx fault and the flight controller being miscalibrated. However, it will rise again in a different form.

Current Status - Dead!
37386     Top Speed - N/A

Phoenix 2000

Phoenix 2000

September 2018 (September 2018) - Present day

My first powered glider. I'm looking to use this to practice at the field as well as taking to the slopes. I'd like to get a wing to slope in the future.

- 10/6/2019 -
I've taken this up on the slopes a couple of times, and it's great. It's handled wind it probably shouldn't have, and is great t fly. I've had to do a repair after some hard landings, and will now be making the wing connections simpler with some MPX plugs. This is a great glider. If I wreck it, I'll no question get another, or the 2.4m version.

Current Status - Ready to fly
15839     Top Speed - N/A

Eachine E010S

Eachine E010S

October 2018 - Present day

Eachine E010S brushed micro quad. I've added a 3D printed camera mount and cross brace. I've also converted the plug to the Inductrix type to use standard batteries. Currently using Tattu 220mAh 1S cells. I'm hoping to upgrade soon to a Mobula7.

Current Status - Flying.
42972     Top Speed - N/A

SonicModell Mini AR wing

SonicModell Mini AR wing

December 2018 (March 2019) - Present day

The SonicModell Mini AR Wing is simply a must have. It's an awesome little flyer, especially on 4S, straight out of the box. It's definitely one to get.

Current Status - Ready to fly
33806     Top Speed - N/A

Skylark S

Skylark S

March 2019 (May 2019) - Present day

The Skylark S is a bit of a transition plane for me. It should be capable enough to perform sport flying, even a bit of 3D. It's the next step up from my Riot. At the end of the day, the air frame kit was £37, so if it ends up in pieces, it's not too bad. Certainly better than crashing my balsa EFlite Extra. I've installed the S6R receiver to give me a fighting chance.

The maiden was successful, but I had way too much movement in the control surfaces. I've dialled it down a lot now, and it's pretty good. The new SunnySky X2216 III 1250KV motor is pretty impressive.

Current Status - Ready to fly.
18441     Top Speed - N/A

ZOHD Dart Extreme

ZOHD Dart Extreme

April 2019 - Present day

This is my ZOHD Dart Extreme. This is not the ZOHD Dart XL "Extreme". The only extreme that the Dart XL is, is extremely brittle. With this Dart I intend to show ZOHD what a real extreme Dart looks like.

Current Status - Building
25693     Top Speed - N/A

SonicModell Skyhunter Racing

SonicModell Skyhunter Racing

April 2019 - Present day

Even though its called Racing, this will be a cruiser. I've fitted the original motor from the ZOHD Dart and it will be running a LiIon 4S pack. This will be the first model I try with Ardupilot.

Current Status - Building
25687     Top Speed - N/A

Graupner Glider

Graupner Glider

May 2019 - Present day

I bought this glider off eBay for 31. It is an unknown glider other than it was listed as a Graupner. The fuse is composite and the wing and tail setction look like an Amigo. The thing is, this is a 2.7m wingspan glider, and they only made the Amigo in 2m and below.

The glider was sold as flyable, but with some covering work needed. I'm about half way through removing the old covering and there is a fair amount of woodwork needed too. Still, I'm up for the challenge, and it will teach me some skills I don't currently have. While I'm repairing it, I will take the time to modernise it too.

Current Status - Rebuilding
39854     Top Speed - N/A