FrSky Taranis Tutorial - motor protection

This tutorial will show how to add a little ESC and motor protection to your Taranis. This will be particularly useful if you spend a lot of time at full throttle and are pushing your motor to it's limit. I came up with this idea after burning out the 2nd motor on my S800. This function will play a siren after 9 seconds, as ESCs usually have a 10 second burst capability. However, if you're within the limits of your ESC, the next thing that can suffer damage is the motor. The specs on your motor will give a maximum full throttle time, which you'll be able to set in this function.

Full OpenTX Code

Select the first Logical Switch and first Special Function positions available on your Model

Logical Switches

# Function V1 V2 AND Switch Duration Delay
L01 a > x Thr 90 --- --- ---
L02 a > x Thr 30 --- --- ---
L03 EDGE L01 [9.0:<<] --- 0.5 N/A
L04 EDGE L01 [90.0:<<] --- 0.5 N/A
L05 Stcky L04 !L01 --- --- ---
L06 AND L05 !L01 --- --- ---
L07 EDGE !L06 [60:<<] --- --- N/A
L08 OR L07 SF↓ --- --- ---
L09 Stcky L08 L05 --- --- ---
L10 AND !L09 L02 --- --- ---
L11 OR L05 L10 --- --- ---

Special Functions

# Switch Action Parameters Enable
SF01 L03 Play Sound Siren
SF02 L11 Play Sound Warn1 1s