What a weekend!

19th of Feb, 2018

This has been a brilliant weekend for flying, 2 whole days of it. This never happens in the UK. Not only was the weather good, but after flying the Riot for a bit, I got 2 new aircraft up in the air!

Reptile S800 SkyShadow

First up was the Reptile S800 which I've slowly been building over the last few months (I really need to update the build page). After concerns about the CoG, which really isn't clear anywhere, we decided sod it, lets just throw it in the air; worst case I lose £30 of foam and a few hours. After a fair bit of trimming, it flew ok. I'm going to reset the trims, find some lead for the nose, and we can try again. But, things are looking hopeful.

HobbyKing Sonic64

Next up was the Sonic64, which has been ready for a while, but British weather is British weather. That thing was brilliant. It needed a bit of trim as I'd set it with some reflex (it doesn't need it), but flew wonderfully, fast and slow. I got myself signed off on the Sonic and was one of the last there as I wasn't going to not fly that thing while I still had charged batteries. As I'd been signed off, Saturday night the Orange DSMX receiver came our and an X4R-SB went in. Sunday I had less time, so just took the Sonic with me. It flew like a pig because of the un-needed reflex, but after taking that out, it didn't even need trimming. I flew it til the rain stopped us, but I can see this being my go to aircraft for a while. Honestly, it's brilliant!

The Sonic64 flies superbly quickly or gliding, launches very easily, decent flight times (I have my throttle percentage timer set to 3:15 but could easily be in the air for 10 minutes), and, as I was shown by someone with far greater piloting skills than I, can be thrown about the sky like a rag doll and still scream for more. Orientation and learning to slow down for the landings were the trickiest parts to learn; if you come in too fast, she'll flip on you. Still, I can't wait to fly it again. I've heard of people using 4S packs in them, that must absolutely scream!!!