Just a little catchup

20th of Jan, 2018

I've been pretty slack with the updates for the last couple of months, part of that's been because of the holiday season, partly because I've been cracking on with the S800 build, partly because the weather has been atrocious and I've only flown twice in December and this year so far, partly because whenever I want to do something my cats decide they want cuddles, and partly because I've just been enjoying time with my family and relaxing in the evenings, which I blame on my recent reaching of the top of the hill. Either way, I thought it was time that I did a bit of an update to let you know what's going on.

3D Printing

Seeing as my last post was about 3D printing, it seemed as good a place as any to start. Since then I've refined the FC holder and have uploaded it to Thingiverse. I've also created air scoops for the ESC and battery compartments, and covers for the VTx and Rx bays. These have all been designed, test printed, and refined until they do the job asked of them. They can all be found on Thingiverse on my designs page.

The Reptile S800

The S800 is slowly coming together. It's taking time because I'm having to build it at work, due to no desk at home at the moment, and in my breaks. However, I have just completed all the electronics work, leaving the following tasks:

I'm hoping to get most of this done in the next week or 2, ready to be checked over, take its maiden flight, and tune iNav.

Other flying stuff

There's not really much to tell, I've not been flying much. I have bought another aircraft, this time with an IC engine, and have modified the Riot to accept a 4S battery in it's bay. This was achieved with a 3D printed part which extends the bay door down slightly, this is available on my Thingiverse page.. I tried the 4S with a 10x6 prop (recommended by CenturyUK) and it seemed to need full power just to stay up. Putting the 12x6 back on also didn't fly well; it felt like I was losing my control surfaces (current draw perhaps). I'm going to get hold of an 11x6 prop and see what that's like. As a side note, the 10x6 may work fine with the stock Riot motor. Mine has been changed for a Hobbyking Donkey motor, which has a lower kV than the stock motor.